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Echo & Bounce started in early 2020, as Ralph returned to Australia amidst some well-known viral chaos. With many years in the music and tech worlds of Berlin, music was a real natural path upon returning to Meanjin/Brisbane. With some help from The Quivr, Echo & Bounce 1.0 was born into a small space in Winn Lane, Fortitude Valley.

The first iteration was a small record store and music hub, featuring a gorgeous spread of local, national and international records with a focus on electronic expressions. Aside from vinyl, there were some in-store DJ sets, live performances, and a few locals-focused laneway events.


Moving into 2022, Echo & Bounce has moved spaces and grown in size; a few more in the team, across two stories of an old heritage building in Woolloongabba, Meanjin/Brisbane. We run events in the basement next door, which we've called Refuge, and the record store is open from Wednesday to Saturday. Over time, we look forward to expanding our offering as a weekday cafe, and a bar, as well as facilitating community events within the music world.

We've set out to cultivate music immersion and document the cultures forming around it. We want to platform all types of creativity, and celebrate a variety of community activities. As a space, we welcome all types of people to come and pass time with us; to explore and share.

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