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dj pgz
The Dance / Hypnotic Suburbs

The Dance / Hypnotic Suburbs


dj pgz




1x Vinyl 7"



Release date

Jul 15, 2022

Rolling, Techno, Bass, Ravey, Deep, Dubby, Acieed, Hip Hop

Super deep bassy techno cuts from Naarm-based Indigenous legend dj pgz. It's a super rhythmically diverse roller designed for mass destruction, and oozes with attitude and swagger. Perfect for deep introspection and stank faces. - JP

Media: NM or M-i
Sleeve: NM or M-


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The Dance



Hypnotic Suburbs Pt. 1 & 2


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oh yeah!! Another limited, vinyl only release....tuff as, bass laden breaks is the vibe here on the A side - whoa! B gets a hell of a lot deeper but still tuff as fuck
oooooft..... brain melting acieed techno from Random XS..... bangin
Quirky, wonky house with lots of electro and acieed house flava. sickness
Dumb fun for any dfloor. It's a giggler. - JP
Side A - COME PICK ME UP FROM THE PARTY MUM, I'M SCAREDSide B - Music to get totally and completely lost to.- JP
Such a dope releases - chunky electro infused breaky tech house.....quality